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Money is dirty and greases equipment very much. Sometimes it happens, that devices, which haven’t been properly maintained are so greased, that the dirt is starting to damage them. Regular cleaning and timed maintenance of your devices reduces the risk of failure due to worn out. Anton Järv, Safeeuro OÜ service manager

When should I
take the device
to the service ?

Working with the same device from day to day, you will certainly notice, if something changes in the working process. If the machine starts to make some kind of noise or it get’s a different sort of vibration, or anything else, please send the device immediately to the service.

Generally we recommend to bring your device to us for the maintenance atleast once a year. With that we can ensure, that the device will be running without any problems for many years.

At the right time of service carried out can help prevent more serious faults occurring in the future. At the same time, if there is a need, we will update and reprogram your device without any additional costs, so your device will be serving you even better.

Why we recommend, having Service done by our team?

All of our employees have passed corresponding courses and trainings to provide clients with professional equipment maintenance and technical support.

Nowadays, there are many different companies which are offering their help to repair and service the electrical devices. Unfortunately, most of them do not have the appropriate training and also don’t have the right tools to properly service our devices.

Unfortunately, we have seen situations, where the device has been serviced and improperly put together by someone, who did not know, how to do that, in which the important component(s) of the device have been damaged or even broken. This kind of situation very often means, that the repairing of that particular device is not reasonable anymore due to its high costs.

Is it possible to clean your device on your own?

It is recommended to clean the sensors of eurodetectors about once per week or twice per month (depending how much money it processes). To clean the sensors, you need to open the cover and brush the dust away from the sensors (dark lamps).

With the purchase of a Coin counter you get a round brush, which can be used for cleaning the sensors . To clean the sensors of a coin reader, you need to gently push the brush in to the holes, from where coins fall, turn it couple times in every hole (make sure you do it gently, otherwise you might push the sensor and if it gets pushed too much, then your device will be giving errors and it will need to get serviced).

Make sure, that device is unplugged, before opening the device, to avoid a chance of the electric hazard.


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